Touhoku's recovery schedule is a website created to send the message that Touhoku is great, to Japan and the rest of the world.We want to add the story of Touhoku's recovery to Tohoku's recovery calendar, and by doing so, we want to show our support to people who are moving forward, and for「what's next」for Touhoku.


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1“Wish to Deliver Paintings!” Project!!!

Here are paintings show landscapes of old Onagawa and I […]


1Recovery Support Goods Market at Tōhoku Rockenpark

From January 10, Tōhoku Rockenpark hosts a market to su […]


1MINA-TAN CHARM from Minamisanriku

In Miyagi’s Minamisanriku, there’s an initiative to sup […]

5Providing Peace of Mind—Orihime Toilet

Hello, this is ariTV’s Altair Handa! At the time […]


5Fukushima’s Eco-tawashi Weavers

This is ariTV’s Morikawa. The other day, when I v […]

3A Storyteller of the 2011 Disaster

Hello, this is Tōru Ise. After the 2011 tsunami destroy […]


2The Power of Song─Furusato Enka Matsuri

When you try to define revival, a simple way is to say […]

12Lights of Hope and Heart Shine! Takase Park Temporary Housing

Merry Christmas! We hope you’re having a nice hol […]

2Great Value! Beloved Local Eatery Sanshū at Bell of Hope Shōtengai

This is Heisei no Sendai-Shirō. This time we bring you […]


1Let Us Ring the Bell of Hope—Kibō no Kane Shōtengai

This is Heisei no Sendai-Shirō. Today we introduce a sh […]

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