Touhoku's recovery schedule is a website created to send the message that Touhoku is great, to Japan and the rest of the world.We want to add the story of Touhoku's recovery to Tohoku's recovery calendar, and by doing so, we want to show our support to people who are moving forward, and for「what's next」for Touhoku.


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9Beloved Master’s Long Established Japanese Style Bar

Hello! This is ariTV’s Fumina (^^). The other day, when […]


9Cheerful Owner’s Amber-colored Soup!—Ramen Shop Kontoki

“Hey, Tomomi! Eat it, then you will get it!!!” The voic […]


10Tōhoku Regional Future Energy Forum 2013

Hello everyone, this is director Ono at ariTV. Today, w […]


12Stricken Area Specialties! LaLa Iwate

This is Takano from ariTV. For the New Year’s hol […]


11Popular Kamaishi Horumon Stew Shop Recovers in Yahaba, Iwate!

This is Takano from ariTV. The cold season is starting […]

9Protect Kamaishi Ramen’s Legacy! ~Origin Shop: Shinkaen~

With an over 60-year history, this ramen has characteri […]

9World Class Kamaishi Sanriku Kaihōdzuke!

Greetings, this is Ono from ariTV. Today’s Reviva […]

8“Firefighters’ Kōshien” in Yahaba, Iwate

Greetings, this is Kawatani from ariTV.   It happe […]

6Martial Arts to Make the Town Smile!! A Fighter Stands Up in Kamaishi

Greetings! This is Takano, ariTV. This time the Revival […]

4Aquaculture Restarts in Hakozaki, Kamaishi!

Greetings, this is Kawatani from ariTV. Today we bring […]

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