Touhoku's recovery schedule is a website created to send the message that Touhoku is great, to Japan and the rest of the world.We want to add the story of Touhoku's recovery to Tohoku's recovery calendar, and by doing so, we want to show our support to people who are moving forward, and for「what's next」for Touhoku.


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2【Video】Toward the Top Convention City—New Exhibition Building Completed!

This is Morikawa. This year, the UN World Conference on […]


1Toward the Top Convention City—New Exhibition Building Completed!!!

This is arTV’s Hama. The World Conference on Disaster P […]


10Top Athletes Clash in Sendai—3×3 Basketball Championships

Hello! This is ariTV’s Handa! Have you ever heard of 3& […]


8Prepairing for hospitality in Sendai-city! UN Disaster Prevention World Converence Seminar!

Hello! My name is Handa of ariTV! In the year of 2015 t […]


3The 400th Anniversary of the Uwajima Date Clan’s Birth

This is Heisei no Sendai Shirō. The famous Daimyō Date […]

3Creativity Powering Recovery! 2014 Tohoku Film & Art Festival

Hello, this is ariTV’s Ōe. Three years has passed […]


3Tōhoku University Qatar Science Campus Kick-Off Conference

Hello! This is ariTV’s Handa. On March 15, at the […]

3Memorial Service for the Disaster Victims in Sendai

A solemn memorial service for the victims of the 2011 d […]

2Preparing for the World Conference in 2015

On March 1st, Sendai City will host a preparatory sympo […]

12Ishinomaki Recovery an Example for Somalia

This is ariTV’s Ōe. Recently, a delegation from S […]

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