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Watari Specialty Food: Harako-Meshi

Greetings, this is Kawatani from ariTV.

Today we revisit Watari, Miyagi for its famous Harako-Meshi.

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Harako-Meshi is rice boiled in a soy sauce, salmon and roe broth,

then further topped with salmon and roe.


Said to have originated in Watari’s Arahama area,
long ago even Sendai founder Daimyo Date Masamune himself came for a try,
and the story goes that his approval made it famous.


Currently, Watari Town is running a Harako-Meshi stamp rally.
By visiting two or more listed restaurants and trying their delicious Harako-Meshi, you can get prizes such as Watari specialty goods and gift certificates.

The promotion runs 9/15-11/30.


Previously Watari’s Harako-Meshi was made with locally caught salmon, but due to last year’s disaster the Arahama harbor is out of service.
Most of the salmon used now are from Hokkaidō.


Though the ingredients might be from elsewhere,

the flavor is still that of the local tradition.
What better time than now, with the stamp rally, to give this local delicacy a try?


Genso Harako-Meshi Mankitsu Stamp Rally (Site in Japanese)




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