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A Symbol of Onagawa has Returned!

This is Tōru Ise, ariTV.

Onagawa-chō: in the earthquake and tsunami, this town sustained catastrophic damage.

Surely those who saw the news were taken aback by the images.


And yet!

A year later signs of recovery are beginning to appear!

A famous fish market–tourist spot and symbol of Onagawa–was rebuilt last October.

Marine Pal Onagawa Fish Market is back!!

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The bounty of Onagawa’s seas once again can be enjoyed.

Daily radioactivity checks take place at the wharf as catches are brought in, and processors also undertake regular tests—they’ll even show you the certification.

(for details, see contact information below)

On the second weekend of each month, seasonal item festivals take place.

For May, it’s the Fatty Salmon Fest!

Others upcoming include the planned Sea Urchin Fest.

And if you have a chance, be sure to set foot in Onagawa yourself and sample the flavors of Onagawa’s revival!

Contact (Japanese Only)

Marine Pal Onagawa Fish Market


Miyagi-ken Oshika-gun Onagawa-chō Urashukuhama Shinohamayama 2

TEL 0225-54-4714  FAX 0225-54-4716





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