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KOKESHI Design Collaboration

Hi there.  This is Kuskari from ariTV.


On January 24th and 25th, an exhibit hosted by Akiu Craft Park is going to be held at Fukagawa Tokyo Modern Kan.


The exhibit is:

“KDC-KOKESHI Design Collaboration-“


Three kokeshi craftsmen from the Akiu Craft Park collaborate with craftsmen of other field: dyeing and weaving; Sendai Tansu chest; and natural wooden artwork, to create new art works that feature the design of “kokeshi.”


The exhibit will be filled with new kinds of art works, which are created through the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and skills of distinctive fields.


At the exhibit, there will be a variety of arts and crafts from traditional kokeshi to Edo tops, Sendai Tansu Chest, Dyeing and weaving, wooden work. You can also purchase them.

Moreover, the site, there will be a booth to provide Akiu tourism information. Stone ground coffee will also be provided.  In addition, several workshops will be held: kokeshi painting; tops painting, urushi lacquering of chopsticks.


An unique event that gathers a variety of traditional arts and crafts, which only made possible by Akiu Craft Park.

Collaboration of traditional craftsmanship and the kokeshi culture rooted in Tohoku.

Please come witness the new page of Tohoku tradition that has been protected for generations despite natural disasters and the flow of time.


We’re gonna be doing something interesting so please some enjoy it


KOKESHI Design Collaboration

January 24, 25





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