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Bringing Light of Hope—Shichigahama Art Warriors 2014

This is ariTV’s Morikawa.
Shichigahama’s Shōbutahama beach (Miyagi) was once a popular bathing resort. However, since the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, swimming has been prohibited there, and it’s also unclear when the place is going to be open to sea bathers again.


This August, a workshop that used sand from Shōbutahama was held at Shichigahama Kokusaimura (Shichigahama International Village).


Report: Takahashi, Odanaka
Edit: Morikawa

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-editor’s note-
It’s not hard to imagine how badly the 2011 tsunami hit Shichigahama that is surrounded on three sides by the sea.


Soon after the disaster, I visited the town of Shichigahama in person.
But what I saw was not a town. There were only rubble and foundations of houses left. No one was walking and just a few trucks passed by.
Everytime the wind blew, a broken piece of wood made wailing sounds. Some boats were washed ashore to a hill.
All I heard was the sea wind and the sounds it caused. Voice and sign of lives were missing.
As I edited this video, those scenes of Shichigahama came to my mind many times.
I truly hope one day Shōbutahama beach will be filled with smile again and Shichigahama will restore their losses.


Shichigahama Kokusaimura (Shichigahama International Village)




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