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Cool Japan! Riverside students visit Sendai/Miyagi

Hello there! This is Andy at ariTV.

Japan is making a push to succeed in the rapidly globalizing world. Among those efforts are projects by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to bring young adults from the Asia-Pacific region (JENESYS 2.0 Project) and North America (Kakehashi Project) to Japan, creating and strengthening ties for future dividends of trade and peace.

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In early summer 2013, a group of 22 community college students from Riverside, California, USA were invited on a paid-for trip to Japan.


Riverside is a suburb east of Los Angeles, and shares a sister city relationship with Sendai in Miyagi, Japan. In the wake of the 2011 tsunami and earthquake disaster, the people of Riverside selflessly gave their sister city great help.


For one part of their trip to Japan, the students were brought to Sendai and Miyagi to see these recovering places and their optimistic plans for the future.




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