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A New System to Support Fishermen

This is Takano from ariTV.
This time we visit the Iwate coast for an initiative by Morioka City to support fishermen:
AdBoat Project

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Sponsors, be they brands or other organizations, can purchase space on fishing boats to display advertising.
In its own way it resembles the tradition of race cars.

Fishermen directly receive supporting funds, and the ad buyers get both a platform for their message and the knowledge that they are doing real help plain for all to see.
Mr. Makoto Sugawara is one of the group who came up with and started this groundbreaking system.

The long-established Sugawara Shoe Shop in Morioka which he manages distributed donated shoes to coastal areas after the disaster.
Hearing the situation of the fishermen directly, he was moved to do something to help and the project go rolling.

Within the store too are various recovery support items.
There was a bit of push-back at first from some of the fishermen, but now they are rushing to sign up.

One other thing has come of this project.
Youth who had shown no interest in the profession are now seeing the painted boats and getting a completely new impression:
“This boat is cool. I want to try fishing.”
Absolute recovery for the fishermen here will likely take decades it is said.
But even though it’s a long road ahead, this system gives a quick outlet both for those who want to help to do so and those who need help to get it.
This could just be a key to a brighter future.


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