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Our Future is Bright! Shichigō School District Exhibition

This is Heisei no Sendai-Shirō.
From today, the 19th, on the 29th floor of Sendai’s central AER skyscraper, the Shichigō School District Exhibition is being held.
Enjoy the ideas for Sendai’s recovery created by these children who experienced the disaster first-hand, up close.

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Shichigō Elementary, Arahama Elementary, and Shichigō Junior High worked together to create the exhibits, and at the center is this giant diorama.
This is the image of Sendai 8 years from now, when they turn 20, of the 6th graders at Shichigō Elementary.
Sendai’s Wakabayashi Ward, where the three schools are situated, took extensive damage from the tsunami.
The concept for their work was “A bright and cheerful Shichigō—envisioning a sustainable town”.

It’s clear that they see a town still with many rice paddies, and they’ve given much thought to big social problems such as the aging population and new energy.
Evacuation facilities, emergency stores, and a recovery commemoration hall feature among the ideas of these disaster-aware children.

Visitors to this recovery exhibit looked on quietly, deep in thought.
“Looking at this future town these children created with such extensive disaster experience—I think we adults need to try a bit harder.”
“These kids are giving more thought to recovery than the adults are now. It’s beautiful, and at the same time I’m shamed.”
Besides the diorama, the children have created evacuation maps, disaster studies, photobooks and more on display.

The Shichigō School District Exhibition continues until February 4th.
Open from 9AM to 6PM except on Sundays and holidays, entrance is free.
Come to be moved by the exhibitions these children have made with their hearts and dreams.




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