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Beloved Locally for 50 Years: Kesennuma’s Yamato Diner

Beloved Locally for 50 Years: Kesennuma’s Yamato Diner


This is Heisei no Sendai-Shirō.
Today’s calendar visits a Kesennuma eatery with a history of more than half a century: Yamato Diner.

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It is a name widely known—a long-famous and beloved symbol of its fishing town home.
It is run by a married couple.
Their specialty is ramen made with world renowned Kesennuma shark fin.
Fine noodles share a clear broth with the delicacy shark fin.
The taste is mellow, and it gave me a nostalgic feeling as I ate it.


Yamato Diner, too, was stricken by the Great Tōhoku Tsunami.
The first floor was flooded, the waters bursting through the ceiling to neck-level on the second floor.
The building was heavily damaged.

The owners, considering their own age, had decided to let it end there.
But something gave them a change of heart.
Volunteers from Kōbe came and thoroughly cleaned up the all but ruined shop.
Seeing that effort, the owners decided that even if it were for only another five years or so, they would give it their all and reopen.
This they did on December 21 of that same year, only 9 months and 10 days after the tsunami came.
Though it had been in doubt, Kesennuma’s beloved diner.
Help came from so many, and their once-resigned spirits have been revived.
In return they try to lift the spirits of Kesennuma’s visitors and become a shop beloved both locally and afar.
Thank you Yamato Diner, my meal was delicious!


■Yamato Diner
Miyagi-ken Kesennuma-shi Sakanamachi 2-2-1
Open from 11:30 until night (closing time flexible)




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