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Packed with the Taste of Autumn: Watari Harako-Meshi

Greetings, this is Hikosaka from ariTV.


The first tinges of autumn chill are just starting to come; I hope you are doing well.
Today we bring you a taste of autumn just as the season breaks.
Long beloved from Watari, Miyagi is their hometown treat “harako-meshi”. Harako refers to fish eggs, and meshi to rice.

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Situated at the mouth of the Abukuma River,

many high quality salmon can be had in Watari.
The roe from those salmon have been a treat in Watari homes since long ago.


On rice boiled in salmon broth sits cuts of the pre-winter fattened fish,

with the roe spread on top.


The flavoring is unique to each kitchen.
Make a trip to Watari to try this personal favorite of my own!


Seafood Bentō Flamingo
Harako-meshi with fish dumpling soup ¥680
Miyagi-ken Watari-chō Arahama Chikkōdōri 28-2
9:00-17:00 (Th/F 11:00-15:00)
*Closed M/Tu/W

Exquisitely seasoned harako-meshi!
Coming with the purchase is fish dumpling soup with a superb, rich flavor.
Japanese Restaurant Kaisen
Harako-meshi set meal ¥1575
Watari-chō Ōkumakōya Kurahigashi 57-6
11:00-20:30 (closed 15:00-17:00)
*Closed Tues.

The salmon broth-boiled rice is fantastically delicious!
The rice is good enough to be eaten plain, and all the better with the well-seasoned salmon and roe!
Harako-meshi ¥1400
Watari-chō Ōkumatazawa Hayakawa 18-2
11:00-21:00 (closed 15:00-17:00)
*Closed Tues.

Hamazushi is primarily a sushi shop, and their rice is top-notch.
The texture of the roe was extremely good, and biting in the flavor is wonderfully full.
Japanese Restaurant Kanizauoza
Harako-meshi ¥1470
Watari-chō Ōkumatazawa Hayakawa 77-1
11:00-21:00 (closed 15:00-17:00 weekdays)

The harako-meshi here is lightly seasoned and carried by the quality ingredients to be enjoyed.


Harako-meshi season continues through November.
Come and give this autumn taste a try.




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