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Activity Returns to Marine Gate Shiogama! Renewal Open

Greetings. This is Heisei no Sendai-shirō.
The other day, beloved gateway to the town Marine Gate Shiogama fully reopened.

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Marine Gate Shiogama is the embarkment point for ferries connecting the Urato Islands and for many of Matsushima’s pleasure and sightseeing cruises, as well as host to several restaurants and shops with local specialties.


But in last year’s tsunami, the complex was directly hit, completely flooding the first floor. We’ve previously visited Marine Gate in previous calendar entries, but until this ‘renewal open’ only certain sections and temporary spaces had been restored.

“The tsunami came up to here. Next month (July) I’m opening a new store to meet customer demand, so everyone look forward to it!” Mr. Yokoyama spoke to us during our last visit.

Now, with Yokoyama Shōten bustling with new visitors, Mr. Yokoyama took time out to once again grant us an interview:
“I’ve been able to come back to where I previously did business. Actually everything’s so new my customers are surprised; but this is where things start. Now I need to get the word out that this store is here. And I hope more and more people will come visit Marine Gate.”


Not just returning to the way things were, shopkeepers took to heart their role of bringing vitality back to Miyagi—seeing all the people put smiles on their faces with which in turn they greeted customers.

In a survey last year just after the disaster, shopkeepers were unanimous in their desire to return and reopen right where they had been before. Seeing their wishes fulfilled as they reopen was quite moving.


You could see on visitors’ faces both their surprise at the bright and open new facility and their nostalgia.

The renewed Marine Gate Shiogama is happily welcoming large numbers of visitors every day.
With a great experience and a chance to pick up some delicious Shiogama fare, it’s sure to be a place you’ll want to revisit. In fact, Shiogama has many such places. Do stop on by!


Events on the day I visited, July 8:
■Tuna Butchery Show
■Stamp Rally
■Akari Taiko Drum Performance
and more!


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