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Bringing Back a Bustling Shiogama! New at Marine Gate Shiogama: Pirate Ship

Greetings! This is Hikosaka from ariTV.
Today we bring you a story on a restaurant newly-opened on June 1 in Marine Gate Shiogama.

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Marine Gate Shiogama is as its name implies a gateway to the town right on the port.
Being as it is in that location, the complex was directly hit by the tsunami in last year’s disaster.

Building repairs continue to this day, but within stores and restaurants are open for business.
They tell us that the number of customers which dropped precipitously after the disaster is slowly starting to recover. During our visit, we spotted tourists and a group of students on a school excursion from Fukushima.

The new restaurant opened at the steadily recovering Marine Gate Shiogama is the Bayside Buffet Restaurant
“Pirate Ship”.

As you can guess, it’s a pirate-themed establishment. Costumed staff will pose for photos with visitors who can try on pirate regalia themselves. The restaurant itself is quite large, seating about 100 for an enjoyable time.

The prominent background music helps set the mood. One purpose is to help avoid disturbance by children enjoying themselves a bit too much.
Feeling like you’re actually aboard a ship, a fun meal can definitely be had here. Not only tourists, but also local families eating out can enjoy the experience.

The buffet presentation means patrons can freely sample food as they wish to the portions they desire. The restaurant has aims to put down local roots and use Shiogama’s sea and seasonal bounties in its menu going forward. Furthermore, Kirin’s brand-new (and big news) Ichiban Shibori Frozen Draft beer is on offer too. As many as seven draft masters are present at the Pirate Ship, and the drinks can be enjoyed just as much as the food.

“The owner, a Kesennuma native, had been operating a tavern in Sendai’s Rokuchōnome. I myself am from Miyako, Iwate, and I wanted to do something for the coastal region,” explains Representative Tōru Kikuchi. They hope to make a kind of food amusement park where, while keeping the focus on the food itself, customers will want to keep coming back.

The Pirate Ship held a pre-open on the 25th and 26th, and on the 27th 400 temporary housing residents from Shiogama, Shichigahama, and Tagajō were invited to dine for free. The hope was to give them a bit of encouragement to be out and about.
Mr. Kikuchi aims to make the Pirate Ship a beloved and prospering part of the the community that also helps draw people from outside to come visit.

In summer, there might even be a chance to view fireworks while dining at the Pirate Ship.
By all means, stop on by!


Bayside Buffet Restaurant Pirate Ship
Marine Gate Shiogama 3F
985-0016  Miyagi-ken Shiogama-shi Minatomachi 1-4-1
TEL 022-355-4137 (Japanese only)
Lunch: Adults ¥1480, Elementary ¥890, Preschoolers ¥490, Under 3 years eat free
Dinner: Adults ¥1980, Elementary ¥1050, Preschoolers ¥525, Under 3 years eat free




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