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A Fish Market Betting on Onagawa’s Revival!

This is Ise, ariTV.

Onagawa: even for Miyagi this town sustained massive damage.

Before the tsunami, the port boasted a fish market bustling with tourists.

The name was ‘Marine Pal Onagawa’.

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It had hosted 16 shops, but this market with a 16-year history had nearly all traces wiped away in the 3/11 tsunami.

To make matters worse, the coastline has subsided, and raising it back to its previous level will, it is said, take as many as eight years.

Board Chairman of the Marine Pal Onagawa Cooperative Mr. Yamada: born and raised in Onagawa.

Mr. Yamada says after the disaster he swore to rebuild the market.

Heeding his call six members of the cooperative have so far returned, and in a new location they re-opened last October.

Mr. Yamada, who had worked to draw not only locals but tourists to Onagawa from before the disaster, notes that in preparation of last year’s October opening he visited the tourist bureaus of all six Tōhoku prefectures from August.

On the second weekend of each month, the market holds a special event to attract customers.

As a result, Marine Pal Onagawa has brought back crowds little by little.

For a full recovery, it will take much time. But doing nothing is no option!

Mr. Yamada and his band are betting on Onagawa’s revival, and have once again brought back their Marine Pal.

On the second weekend of next month (May), a fatty salmon festival will be held.

From June, sea urchin and other festivals are planned.

All products sold are screened for radioactivity.

The sea’s bounty from Onagawa Bay to you, safe and with peace of mind.


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