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Growing Supports for the Nepal Earthquake Victims

4 years and 2 months have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake, and we have just passed 50th Tsuki-meinichi, monthly observance of death anniversary. During this time, we have received s much supports from people from all over the world. We can’t be thankful enough to everyone who supported us. Thank you very much.

It has been reported that the earthquake happened primarily at Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal on April 25th 2015, including victims in other countries, claimed more than 7400 lives

In Kesennuma city, people are standing up to support Nepal. Kesennuma received a lot of supports when the Great East Japan Earthquake happened. This time, they want to return the debt of gratitude.

Deepak Raj Kc works for Nepal restaurant “Yeti” in Taya, Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture.

He is from Nepal, and his house in Nepal was demolished due to the earthquake.


Three days later, he was able to contact to with his family and friends, all of whom were safe.

His family asked him to come back asap, but he wasn’t able to go back soon because flights to Nepal were packed.

Deepak’s house is located in a region about 40km outside of Kathmandu, the capital.

He communicates with his family via SNS

When we visit the restaurant on May 8th 2015, Deepak told us that Nepal was entered in rainy season earlier than usual and reliefs supplies haven’t made it to damaged region.


He also told us that the government is instituting rolling blackouts and supply of electricity is restricted to 6 hours per day and that many people are camping out in tents because houses and buildings could collapse.

People in Kesennuma, who were severely affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake shared their thoughts:

“We received tremendous support when the Great East Japan Earthquake happened. We just can’t watch them go through suffering.”

“I would like to do what I can do.”

Not only the people who come to eat at the restaurant but also the people who care about Nepal make donation.


There is a donation box labeled “SOS Nepal” at “Yeti,” asking for goodwill donations.


Kazumasa Kumagai, the owner Kesennuma style Ramen restaurant “Maruki” handed donations to Deepak with his family saying, “Please use this money for people in Nepal.”


Deepak leaves for Nepal on May 13th and delivers donations he received from people in Kesennuma and Iwate prefecture.


“Yeti” closes between May 13 to Jun 15.


During this time, donations for Nepal Earthquake is accepted at “Camera Shop OGATA,” which right next to the restaurant.


Kesennuma New Central Chamber of Commerce, in which “Yeti” is part of, is planning to set up a donation box and collect donations for the Nepal Earthquake.


Ryuichi Ogata, CEO of “Camera Shop OGATA” said to us, “we received a lot of supports when the Great East Japan Earthquake happened, so it’s time for us to repay the debt of gratitude. Once Deepak returns and we have clear ideas as to what kind of help they need, we’re going to keep supporting people in Nepal.

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