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Temporary Housing Residents Engaged in Deeper Interaction

Friends of the United Nations Asia-Pacific (Dr. Noel J. Brown) organized an event to support victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake at Yahagi 6th district community center on April 25th. 

50 residents of temporary housings in Yahagi district enjoyed interaction through Karaoke and more.   

At the event site, participants joined a health fitness class first. Moving their bodies with the music, they leaned about health while having fun.

 Next, they had a karaoke party. This time, Noriko Sugata, a professional singer, joined them.

6 residents of the temporary housing performed songs and dances entertained other participants.

At the end of Karaoke party, Noriko Sugata performed several songs such as “Sansirou,” one of her biggest hits. She talked about the power of music and encouraged the participants saying, “Let’s try to live everyday with joy and strive together.”

Participants were smiling each other and having great time of music and conversation.

The NGO have organized more than 10 events to support victims through music and sport.  They will keep hosting such events in order to alleviate the pain and encourage victims.


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