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Original Premium Canned Food: “Harakuttsui TOHOKU” Held a Product-Launch/Sampling Event

Hi! It’s Handa from ariTV!

“Harakuttsui” is a Tohoku dialect and means “full.” The original premium canned food, “Harakuttsui TOHOKU” was produced through a revival-supporting project run by Mitsubishi Estate.

Chefs from Marunouchi, Tokyo and Tohoku region collaborated and developed fascinating products using local foods of Tohoku region. On March 5th 2015, a product-launch/ sampling event was help at Marunouchi building in Tokyo.





This original premium canned food uses ingredients from Ishinomaki and Kesennuma, two cities that are still recovering from the earthquake and tsunami. The purposes of developing this new product were, first of all, to help invigorate the marine product processing industry, and to answer the growing demand of emergency food as the awareness towards disaster risk reduction rises.





Mitsubishi Estate group, marunouchi CHEF’S CLUB, chefs from Tohoku region, and marine product processing industry collaborated together.


On this 2nd series, they choose to produce Italian style canned food.






They made two products:

“Cream Soup with Ishinomaki Silver Salmon Flavored with Yuzu”

“Stewed Kesennuma Swordfish Mediterranean style”





At the sampling event, dishes using the original canned food were served.


harakuttui004  harakuttui005



Comments from participants who ate the sample:

“I can’t believe it’s made from canned food. It tastes like a fancy restaurant.”

“It’s nice to have a tasty emergency food like this.”


They seemed to be very surprised.


You’re going to have to eat emergency food when the expiration dates approaches.

So, It’s nice to stock up tasty ones if you are going to eat anyway, right?

If you’re looking for emergency food or simply want eat something delicious, why don’t you try it!






Location : 35.681310, 139.763740

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