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Supporting Fukushima in Daily Life—Fukurum Card

This is Morikawa.

Look at this card which has illustrations on it.


This card is called Fukurum Card and it’s not just another credit card.

I knew about this card at the Fukushima Fair held at the Tōhoku Rockenpark where I met Kaneko-san, a member of the Fukurum Card Promotion Council.

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Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, businesses in Fukushima, especially in food and manufacturing industry, have had a hard time.

Lots of events that helps the recovery of Fukushima have taken place in and out of the prefecture. Many people try to support Fukushima, but few ways were available to do so on daily basis.

The Fukurum Card was invented under such circumstance.



The Fukurum Card is issued by the Fukurum Card Promotion Council which consists of Fukushima Prefecture, the Fukushima Tourism Product Exchange Association and Nissenren Life Service.


There’s no annual fee or other additional cost for users and like other credit cards, points are given to users in accordance with the utilization amount of the credit card.

0.01% of use amount is donated to support Fukushima’s recovery.



The most significant aspect of this card is that, everyone is able to support Fukushima in daily life regardless of where they live.

If you shop with the card, donation is made. Even when you don’t use the card, it reminds you of Fukushima.


Illustrations on the card are, of course, figures and specialties related to Fukushima.

The name Fukurum is chosen by the public. It’s a term coined combining ‘Fukushima’ and ‘scrum.’ It also contains a Japanese word “fukuram (inflate)” which is used as “Yume ga fukuram (dream gets bigger),” hoping to reclaim Fukushima’s prosperity.



Kaneko-san pointed out that “If you become a credit card member, you are eligible to receive multiple benefits such as gifts including rice, sake and other Fukushima specialties and special discounts.”


According to Kaneko-san, 8,000 people around Japan now hold the Fukurum card. More than 880,000 yen was raised through this project as of December 2014.


Kaneko-san told that he would continue promotion of the card and wanted as many people as possible to have the Fukurum Card.


With the Fukurum Card, you don’t have to do anything special to support Fukushima. It’s a new way to send your heart to Fukushima.





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