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Fly Squid-Shaped Kites!!!

This is Michiru.

Today we visited the kite-making workshop held at Shichigō Civic Center in Sendai’s Wakabayashi Ward.

The workshop is hosted by the Sendai Kite Association which was established in 1970 to carry on Sendai’s traditional kite called Surumetenbata (squid-shaped kite). They open kite making and flying workshops for mainly children.


Since the 2011 disaster, they have taken part in multiple recovery efforts for children’s smiles.



Surumetenbata has that name because of its resemblance to a dried-cuttlefish. Also it is called by a different name depending on areas. Those names include karakai, karawake and karakei, and they all mean dried-ray fish. So surumetenbata is sometime called ei tako (ray-fish kite).

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With directions from kite flying master Kōji Hama, lots of kites were made and families enjoyed the workshop with smiles.


Kite flying master Kōji Hama

In Wakabayashi’s Arahama, another project supporting recovery called the Library on the Shore

is under progress. It’s not about building a library by the sea, but about thinking the Arahama area as one huge library. It’s purpose is to become a human library sending messages of courage for recovery and local attractions through connecting with people.


The project’s proposer Atsushi Yoshida of Tokushima University noted that books and documents are sometime lost, but knowledge can be preserved by handing down. He wants to tell attractions of Arahama, not as an affected area, but as Arahama itself. He also hopes to raise children born after the disaster to talents who are rooted in the local community and able to communicate with the world.


Atsushi Yoshida

Unfortunately, this day was not the best day for kite flying. The next time the workshop takes place, there might be kites flying above children’s smiles!

Sendai Tako no Kai (Sendai Kite Association) 

Library on the Shore




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