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“Wish to Deliver Paintings!” Project!!!

Here are paintings show landscapes of old Onagawa and Ishinomaki in Miyagi.



A painter of these works is the late Yasuo Kumakura who was born in Ishinomaki and left many oil and watercolor paintings of the towns.


One project started last November to give a calendar which has his paintings to people living in temporary housing in Ishinomaki and Onagawa. It’s called “E wo Todoketai! (Wish to Deliver Paintings!)” Project.

Today, we introduce you their activities carried out through last November to this January.

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The project was set up by Mr.Kumakura’s oldest son Kazunori who runs an advertising company in Ishinomaki.


Yasuo had loved painting since he was young and drew beautiful scenes of Ishinomaki area. He was especially fond of a view of Ishinomaki from Mt. Hiyori.

He started oil painting when he’s in high school and continued on the artistic activity as he held exhibits multiple times.


Yasuo Kumakura in 1970s


However, the view he loved was devastated by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Kazunori was also affected and became busy with work to restore his home and business.

A year after the disaster, a man who brought his home kerosene shed tears seeing one of his father’s paintings displayed at his house’s entrance. In the painting, the man found a road he used to pass along to commute.

From this event, one idea came up to Kazunori’s mind.


A painting of Ishinomaki


As 2015 marks the sixth anniversary of Yasuo’s death, Kazunori hosted the memorial exhibit of Yasuo’s work. It brought good response and made Kazunori take action to realize the idea he had kept in mind since that day. The idea is to deliver paintings of his father to people in theIshinomaki area.

That has become “E wo Todoketai! (Wish to Deliver Paintings!)” Project!

20150122_06 20150122_07


He raised money needed for printing and delivering through crowdfunding site ReadyFor?

With lots of support, the project set off in last November. In December 2014, they began distribution at Ishinomaki’s Asahi Kasei temporary housing .

20150122_08 20150122_09

They visited door to door, sometime enjoyed chatting with residents, and handed out the calendars.

20150122_10 20150122_11

For 50 days, Kazunori moved around to deliver calendars with volunteer staff. On January 17, they brought the last calendars to people living in temporary housing in Onagawa’s Dejima island and the project came to an end.

Total 7,000 households of Ishinomaki’s 133  and Onagawa’s 32 temporary housing estates received the calendar with paintings of their town.


Letters of thanks


Thanks for the calendar. As a person who was born and raised in the Oshika Peninsula, I’m really happy. It has the warmth photographs don’t have.



To supporters from around the country, Mr Kumakura and all the staff, thanks for the calendar. As I have lived in Ishinomaki since I was a child, I cried inspite of myself looking at the calendar. I appreciate your kindness.

Take care and spend good New Year.


Kazunori noted that he wanted people feel inconvenient in life in temporary housing to have peace of mind through bringing back the memory of Onagawa and Ishinomaki his father loved.

20150122_14 20150122_15


It’s been almost four years since the Great East Japan Earthquake. Scars of the disaster still remain, but there surely is a climate than can be a foundation for the scene of the future generations.



Photos by Kumakura Kazunori


Yasuo Kumakura Art Project




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