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50 Seconds from the Station—Hotel Pearl City Kesennuma

Konnichiwa, this is ariTV’s Haga.

Today, we introduce you Hotel Pearl City Kesennuma in Miyagi. We had a chance to interview the hotel’s general manager, Mr Shirahata.



It only takes 50 seconds from Kesennuma Station to the Hotel Pearly City. Because of its convenient location, Many visitor to Miyagi’s port town choose to stay at the place.


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At first, I doubted the message on their webpage saying “it’s 50 seconds walk from the station.” But I found out it’s true when we actually visited and stay at the hotel.

How come I doubt them? Punch me in the face please!


With a clean room and all the amenities, I was able to spend comfortable time and slept too well to wake up in the morning.



“Here is a favorable location and lots of people visit us. I’m really glad,” Mr Shirahata said.




Local Specialties are displayed near the hotel’s reception desk.


Fortunately, the hotel didn’t take serious damage from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Even though they were not designated as a shelter by Kesennuma city, they voluntarily provided themselves as a rest place.


Mr Shirahata noted that since their emergency power system using diesel fuel, it only worked for a day. Still he wanted people to have hope by offering a place where they were able to rest peacefully.


Hotel Pearl City was filled to its capacity, which is 100, was full every day and night. The establishment gave peace of mind to those who lost their home.


People tend to forget but it is wonderful to have a bed room. Thanks mom, though my pillow is the one my grandma used when she’s hospitalized.


Recovery-related matters are settling down. Fewer volunteers come lately and most of their guests are construction workers now.



For two years after the disaster, the Hotel Pearl City was busy with many guests such as volunteers and fishery and construction workers.


But now they are facing harsh reality. Mr Shirahata worries about the future of Kesennuma.


Will people come back to the port town when the 5-year reconstruction work ends?

Since the disaster Kesennuma’s population has decreased by 4,000.


Mr Shirahata hopes young people and people from Kesennuma come back, though he knows types of jobs are limited there and understands feeling of people who want to leave. It’s a hard problem to solve.


Being negative doesn’t help. Mr. Shirahata pointed out that it’s difficult to enliven Kesennuma directly, so he wanted to play a supportive role and to provide peace of mind as a place where people were able to heal their bodies and minds.



Mr Shirahata’s eyes were full of kindness. If you have a chance to visit Kesennuma, why don’t you stay at the Hotel Pearl City Kesennuma?


Hotel Pearl City Kesennuma




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