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Noble Rice Variety—Dream of Takata

Last autumn, new variety of rice was born in Rikuzentakata. The rice has been planted since 2012.

It’s called Takata no Yume (“Dream of Takata”).


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One of the main issues of Rikuzentakata after the 2011 disaster ravaged the town was restoration of its primary industry.

In farming, it requires a long time to recover farm field received salt damage.

On June 2012, about a year after the disaster, seedlings of rice named Iwata Jusan-go were planted. That was the rice that is later called Dream of Takata and contribute to the restoration of Rikuzentakata’s primary industry.


Iwata Jusan-go is a variety of rice Japan Tabaco started to develop 20 years ago. However, since Japan Tabaco retreated from agriculture, it had been saved as research material.


Following the disaster, Japan Tabaco provided the rice to Rikuzentakata as a corporate citizenship activity.

Iwata Jusan-go was given a new life as Dream of Takata.


On September 2014, Iwata Jusan-go was cultivated in 15 ares of rice fields which is spared from the destruction, and yielded 1124 kg of seed rice for the following year.


In 2013, though its scale increased to 10.5 ha and 33.7 tons of rice was produced by Rikuzentakata’s selected farmers, because restored fields had less nutrition, the yield was less than expected.


And this year, the yield rose to 230 tons with many fields recovered from the tsunami damage.

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Last month, a tasting party of food from Rikuzentakata took place in Tokyo. Along with other specialties of the town, Dream of Takata was promoted. The rice is planned to expand its sales channels.


Dream of Takata has a large and sticky grain, and characteristic mild taste. Those who eat it noted they want to have it every day and eat it with a simple side dish.


You can find Dream of Takata at supermarkets and online stores.


Brand new rice from Rikuzentakata, Dream of Takata. The town is steadily moving forward.

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Takata no Yume (“Dream of Takata”) online store




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