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Heartwarming Udon of Kesennuma—Kamaage Udon Danpei

Konnichiwwa, this is airTV’s Fumina(^^).

Today, we bring you udon noodle restaurant in Kesennuma, which serves a rare kind of udon I want you to try at least once.
The restaurant is Kamaage Udon Danpei!
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In Kesennuma’s Shishiori (Miyagi), recovery market Shishiori Recovery Marche has been relocated and changed its name to Shishiori Recovery Mart. Here, Kamaage Udon Danpei is doing business.


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Its owner Kenichi Shioda was the representative of Shishiori Recovery Marche. At the time of the 2011 disaster, as he helped people with evacuation, he barely survived the tsunami.

Since then Mr. Shioda has worked to rebuild his hometown. To remove debris, he took a license for heavy equipment, and made lots of efforts to operate the marche as the representative.


Danpei’s udon is made by such a hard worker.
Their best recommendation is handmade Danpei Udon that was developed through try and error!
Danpei Udon has beni-shoga, dried bonito, grated daikon, and raw egg. It’s mild and refreshing taste, and really delicious (^^)!!


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Besides udon, Danpei serves various dishes!
They have soba noodle, kinds of rice bowls, and a selection of snacks go well with sake (^^).
Enjoy sake, while eating snacks, and finish with udon! That’s the best (^^).


Mr. Shioda doesn’t just serve food, but also supports rebuilding of the port town as well. With his connections, he donated playground equipment, street lamps and so on. They also build futsal facility for students.


He tries to leave more than just money for the next generation. Also, he wants to make memories for himself. That is the reason he engages in those activities.


Great noodles and great combination of sake and snacks. You can enjoy their food day and night!
If you have a chance to visit Kesennuma, drop by and get relaxed with their delicacy (^^).




Kamaage Udon Danpei




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