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Great Katsu-don!—Daikoku-ya in Shiogama

Konnichiwa! This is ariTV’s Handa.

A little way from the National Route 45 in Shiogama, Miyagi, there’s a diner where I often had lunch before I started to working for ariTV.

It’s called Daikoku-ya that is famous for its delicious Katsu-don (pork cutlet on rice). They also serve soba noodle.

When we visited, the diner was crowded with workers.

daikoku8 daikoku9

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Their recommendation is of course katsu-don.

daikoku6 daikoku71

Katsu-don set ¥900 (including soba or udon noodle)


I used to always order the katsu-don set. It has an exquisite combination of pork cutlet and egg, and its seasoning is that of soba shop. Also, the set has large volume which is great for working people.


Besides katsu-don, they serve…

daikoku2 daikoku3

Nabeyaki Udon, regular size ¥750 (available during October-March)



Tanin-don set ¥750


This time, we interviewed Daikoku-ya’s second generation owner Takeshi Miyamoto on the 2011 disaster.

The diner was hit by tsunami of close to 1m in height and became unable to do business for 49 days. Day after day, he kept cleaning up mud brought by the tsunami.

He had to wait restoration of gas, electricity, and water supply to reopen his diner.

Mr. Miyamoto noted when he was finally able to restart, he felt relieved. Daikoku-ya marks its 60th anniversary next year. He hopes to continue business as long as he can.

If you have a chance to visit Shiogama, give it a try!

I too am going to visit again to have their katsu-don!





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