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Akiu’s Quality Teahouse Fudō Chaya

Konnichiwa! This is ariTV’s Akiu crew Chigusa!

Have you ever heard of the Akiu Great Falls (width: 6m, height: 55m), a famous tourist spot in the area. It’s magnificent and chosen as one of the best 100 falls in Japan.


Akiu Great Falls, November 14, 2014


Near the great nature, there’s a small teahouse.


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Fudō Chaya teahouse is located on the ground of the Akiu Ōtaki (Akiu Great Falls) Built of wood, the teahouse is a heartwarming place with atmosphere as if it blends into nature.


This time, we interviewed Fudō Chaya’s owner Hiromi Sasaki.

The shop started in 1991. At the time, its building was azumaya (a shelter with a roof and open sides).



post which have supported the establishment since it’s azumaya.


However, with azumaya structure, it got too cold in autumn and winter, so that Ms. Sasaki renovated it, with her ideas, into the wonderful establishment that can ward off the cold.

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In the teahouse, cozy light of candles lets you feel relieved. Ms. Sasaki’s daughter makes the candles for hobby. They are also on sale, so if you want to get one, ask Ms. Sasaki.



Fudō Chaya is a branch shop of long-established Tōfu shop Ōta Tōfu-ten in Akiu and the teahouse serves simple and healthy refreshments.


This time, we had Sankakuage no teriyaki (triangular fried tofu teriyaki) and Genmai Kurumi Mochi (walnut brown rice cake).

They are both handmade!


Sankakuage (triangular fried tofu) is famous as a specialty of Jōgisan, Sendai, but the sankakuage here has its own subtle flavor.

It has granulated sugar on it, and you taste it with rich flavored soy sauce.



Genmai Kurumi Mochi provides the great combo of sweet and thick walnut sauce and springy brown rice cake!!


They were so delicious!

Ōta Tōfu-ten also offers their foods on the basement floor of S-PAL Sendai.

When the Great East Japan Earthquake hit, many shops faced shortage of products, because factories were unable to operate due to lack of electricity.


In such asituation, Ōta Tōfu-ten, who makes Tōfu by hand, was able to keep producing as long as there was a stock of beans.


At one time, Ms. Sasaki thought about giving up the teahouse. However, as she restored the shop, she found out that her mission was to provide people with foods they would think delicious.

Three and eight months since the disaster, Fudō Chaya continues on its business with the same heart.


Drop by and try their delicacies ^^.



Fudō Chaya





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