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Find You Drink For Dinner Tonight!—Kesennuma Ajiya Liquor Store

Konnichiwa! This is ariTV’s Fumina (^^). Today, we introduce you a liquor store at a recovery market in north Miyagi’s Kesennuma. Even though, the store is relatively small in size, inside is crowded with bottles of sake! The store, loved by locals for many years, is Ajiya (^^).


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Ajiya is located at the Higashishinjō Kamome Dōri Recovery Market in Kesennuma. 1625 1148


As I attracted the word “sake” and entered the store, I was surprised by their vast selection of sake!

2013 1917


This time, we have a chance to interview the owner Kanichi Mogi and his spouse Yukie.

Ajiya had run business for 50 years at Kesennuma’s Shishiori district that was devastated by the massive tsunami. Fortunately, their family was able to survive, but their store doubled as home was washed away.

“Despairing doesn’t help.”  Mogi family traveled around by a car to deliver foods to people. Some customers asked whether they had sake. While peddling, he reconfirmed that was his job, and decided to restart the liquor store at the recovery market.

353 265 1040 1526

Though they have had adversities, Mr. and Ms. Mogi works cheerfully.




What catch your eyes first in the store are local sake from around Japan. 735


Mr. and Ms. Mori’s recommendation are Otokoyama, Kibou (“Hope”), and Kesennuma, all are local sake of Kesennuma. So, they are good for gifts (^^).

839 1329


The store also have shochū, beer, and liqueur! Since there are lots of variety of liquor, you can find your favorite here!   Mr. Mogi hopes Ajiya to be a store loved by people living in the area.



At Ajiya, asking “What kind of sake is this?” starts lively conversation. Drop by and pick up your sake for tonight (^^).



Ajiya Sake Ten (“Ajiya Liquor Store”)


open 09:00-19:00




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