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Tōhoku Food Marathon Travels to France!

Hello! This is ariTV’s Handa.

A few months ago, we brought you the 1st Tōhoku Food Marathon held in Miyagi’s Tome on April 2014. This time, its executive committee flew to France’s Bordeaux to participate in the Medoc Marathon as the only Japanese exhibitor.


The Medoc Marathon is, according to the Tōhoku Food Marathon’s webpage, the marathon that takes place in Medoc, Bordeaux, a region famous for its red wines, right before the grape harvest each year in September. Approximately 8,000 costumed people run a 1-lap course through the scenic vineyard. The aid stations of course provide water, but they also serve the wine that the Chateau boasts of. Honey, steak, cheese, ham, and other nourishment is enjoyed by participants, spectators, and residents, a notable characteristic that distinguishes the marathon to runners around the world. In 2013, the competition drew 8,000 runners from 54 countries. Including spectators and other tourists, 30,000 people gather in the region of Medoc during the time.”

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The committee’s aims is to contribute to promote tourism and products in Tōhoku is still on the way to recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake. It also intends to tell the current situation of Tōhoku to the world.


The Tōhoku Food Marathon committee continued to take part in the Medoc Marathon from last year.

The first day of the event, September 12, was the expo, and the second day was the marathon race.

At the expo, 500 bottles of sake the committee prepared, went out of stock in five hours, and they also handed out leaflets tell the situation of recovery in Tōhoku.

Since there’s little Tōhoku information available in France, some people read the paper with interest.

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The 2nd Tōhoku Food Marathon take place on April 26, 2015. Registration starts late November.

If you have any interests, keep checking their website!



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