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Enjoy Higashimono in the Port Town—Shiogama Marine Products Wholesale Market

Hello! This is ariTV’s Fumina!

Today, we introduce you where I always wanted to go! It’s Shiogama Marine Products Wholesale Market in Miyagi! Also, I wanted to visit the market right at this season.


That’s because there’s delicious seafood you can get only now. You gotta check it out (^^).


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The Shiogama Marine Products Wholesale Market is located next to Shiogama port that is notable for its tuna catch.

As it opens at 3AM, many people including buyers as well as ordinary shoppers, come into the market looking for fresh seafood.

20141022_02 20141022_03 20141022_04 20141022_05


Though situations are getting back to normal, still some kinds of fish are not available because of continued effects of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

At the time of the disaster, the market building itself was spared from damage, but many people working at the market were devastated by the calamity.

20141022_06 20141022_07

20141022_08 20141022_09

Now, the place has been back to a lively market once again, and it even cheer me up while I was shopping.


20141022_10 20141022_11 20141022_12 20141022_13

And here’s tuna I wanted!

Higashimono is the brand name for tuna landed at Shiogama during September to December.

Its freshness,  fattiness, luster and flavor,  everything about the tuna was great, and it easily lived up to my expectation!


20141022_14 20141022_15


What I looked forward to eating is “My Kaisen-don (rice bowls with seafood toppings)” (^^).

You can prepare your own kaisen-don by choosing seafood toppings from the selection of items sold in the market.



Some shops offer products just for kaisen-don that are not on display!

I picked up several seafood besides tuna (^^).



Shrimp and scallop, total ¥300


20141022_18 20141022_19

Outside of the market, there’s equipment free to use to grill your seafood! Kaisen-don is not the only way to enjoy Shiogama’s delicacies.


In addition to the shrimp and scallop, I also had sanma (saury fish)! They’re definitely tasty!!


Higashimono tuna is only available for this season of the year. You can eat right at the place or take it to home!


Why don’t you enjoy shopping and fresh seafood at the Shiogama Marine Products Wholesale Market?



Shiogama Marine Products Wholesale Market





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