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Maki Ishii Photo Exhibition—Letters from 311

Since the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake,  photographer Maki Ishii visits Tōhoku many times. Now, her photo exhibition is being held on the first floor of the E-BeanS building in Sendai, Miyagi.


This exhibition, Letters from 311, was first held in Ōsaka. After it received a great response in West Japan’s metropolis, it’s decided that exhibition would head to northeastern Japan.


Before her works arrived at Sendai, they were displayed in Fukushima’s Kōriyama and also Miyagi’s Kesennuma. The City of Tree is their last stop in Tōhoku.


For those who lived in West Japan had a difficulty to find Tōhoku information, Ms. Ishii hosted the photo exhibitions there.


As the exhibition was held in Tōhoku for the first time, she noted that honestly she’s nervous. It has come to have a different meaning if she holds the event in Tōhoku where some people are still live in adversity.

She tries to convey not only sadness or pain, but also light as well. She wants to deliver Tōhoku’s letters.

20141015_03 20141015_04


In the exhibition in Sendai, she presents photographs of Tōhoku’s situation and music scenes of three and a half year after the 2011 disaster.

The event also features a series of photographs entitled Wind and Rock, taken at the event of the same name.


Ms. Ishii’s photographs and her words are here, so that we don’t forget the past three and a half years and to recognize it’s not over.

20141015_06 20141015_05

Photos of music scenes and photos of disaster-hit areas. Mr. Ishii said both are indispensable.

Music is a crucial piece of her work as she saw musicians play with strong feelings in Tōhoku.

20141015_07 20141015_08


If you have a chance to visit the venue, be a witness of spirits spark in her pictures.

And to those who cannot make it, Mr. Ishii keeps delivering messages until you catch it.


Maki Ishii Photo Exhibition is open until October 26.


Report: Midori Morikawa



Maki Ishii Photo Exhibition—Letters from 311

open 10:00-20:00, October 15-26, 2014



Live Concert

performers: the LOW-ATSU (Takeshi Hosomi+TOSHI-LOW)

open 19:00-, October 16




Ms. Ishii is going to hold another photo exhibition at SpaceHachikai in Shibuya, Tōkyō on November 7. Music performances are planned during the event.

Also, she’s going to publish a photo book on November 7. Revenues from the book will be donated to some projects supporting Tōhoku.




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