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Truly Tasty—Yokarō-sushi’s Harako-meshi

Hello! This is ariTV’s Fumina!

Lately, Sendai is getting cooler and cooler, and leaves are turning into red. Today, we bring you Autumn delicacy harako-meshi (rice boiled in salmon broth topped with salmon and roe), it’s the specialty of Watari, Miyagi (^^).



This time, we visited Yokarō-sushi, a sushi restaurant has been in business for over 50 years and loved by the local people.

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They won the grand prix at the last year’s Harako-meshi contest held in Watari. A driver of the taxi I took recommended Yokarō-sushi, and I decided to drop by the sushi restaurant (^^).



We had a chance to interview its owner Yoshiyuki Takahashi.

At the time of the 2011 disaster, even though the tsunami didn’t reached their restaurant, supplies of electricity, water, and gas were stopped, and the restaurant building got a crack. Fortunately, the gas supply was restored early and Mr. Takahashi thought at least they could cook rice, and served foods stays good for days on the road.



As we talked with the owner, two customers broke in and started telling us charms of Yokarō-sushi (^^).

The customers noted that the sushi restaurant had become the heart and soul of them since the restaurant offered dishes on the road just after the 2011 disaster.

They were much more proud of Yokarō-sushi than the owner saying they were able to recommend it with confidence.



This is beloved Yokarō-sushi’s Harakomeshi. As I wrote they won the top honor at the contest, and its taste is guaranteed.



Salmon is satisfiable and delicious! I can’t stop eating (^^).


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Besides the delectable rice dish, their suhi are also great!

In the pictures are a meal set of sushi and noodle.


Yokarō-sushi are going to take part in this year’s Harako-meshi contest, even though they already won last year.

Mr. Takahashi said he didn’t want others to think he quit the game when he won, and it’s meaningful to participate to the contest.

That’s something one can’t say without absolute confidence in oneself.

We want you to try their food on your own!!


In Watari, there is a variety of restaurants offer harako-meshi including Yokarō-sushi. Why don’t you find your favorite (^^).









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