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A New Start of “Men-yashiki Maru Shō”!

In September 2014, one ramen restaurant opened by the side of Onagawa street in Ishinomaki city, Miyagi prefecture.



“I always knew that I’m going to open my restaurant by the side of this street.”

said Toshimitsu Shōji, the owner of the ramen restaurant, “Men-yashiki Maru Shō.”


Mr.Shōji is born and raised in Ishinomaki city. He used to work at a Pachinko store.

However, he experienced Tsunami at the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.  He desperately fled from Tsunami while the water reached the height of his chest.


He was able to return to his job at Pachinko store, however, he began to  a question himself.


Business people and volunteers were working hard to restore gas and water supplies without even knowing the safety of their family members. Seeing those people right in front of his eyes, he thought, “If I continue my current job, I wouldn’t be able to tell my children proudly what I do.”

The question grew bigger and bigger in his mind.

It was around the time that the major first food company was going to open new restaurants in Ishinomaki city in an attempt to support the victims of Tsunami.

The plan was to build a food theme park, which is consisted with ten restaurants in seventeen trailer houses.

Mr. Shōji, who was in struggle about his job, made up his mind and decided to change his job.

He ended up working for a ramen restaurant. This was in July in 2011.


The one who taught him how to cook ramen was the owner of a ramen restaurant, “Menya Daizu,” who will eventually open a restaurant in Tsubamesawa, Miyagino ward. He didn’t have any experience in food industry, however, he learned how to cook ramen from the scratch, and his ramen became very popular.

Because of his ramen, he made a lot of connection not only with local people but also with volunteer workers from other prefectures as well as people from overseas who came as international relief staff.


Later, the trailer house was franchised, and he was appointed as a manager for one restaurant in different location.  The restaurant was in Minatokazuma, Ishinoki city, which was located by the side of this Onagawa street.  “We had to close the restaurant due to many issues regarding administration, however, a customer told me one thing…”


“I want you to open a restaurant by the side of this street someday”


He apparently did not think about opening a new restaurant right after he closed the restaurant in Kazuma.

However, his former customers and friends encouraged him to open his own ramen restaurant, which gave him strong support.

And, this September, he opened his restaurant at the place.


The most popular ramen in Men-yashiki Marushō is Miso ramen.

Miso ramen is 670 yen, and you can enjoy the richness of miso.

Abura-soba, which he learned directly from the owner of “Menya Daizu,” is also popular and is 730 yen.

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“I got so emotional when my former regulars came into my restaurant as first customers after opening,” said Mr.Shōji.


He kept the design of the sign almost the same as the one of his last restaurant.



This is a new start after three years since the Earthquake.

There is one goal.

To make this place where everyone can get together and smile, again.



Report: Morikawa



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