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Tatehana Wharf Morning Market Revisited

Hello, this is ariTV’s biggest eater Onatsu.

Aomori’s Hachionohe Tatehana Wharf Morning Market is one of the largest morning market in Japan, where 300 shops gather in a 800-meter street, and more than ten thousand visitors come to enjoy shopping.

There, delectable smells rose from stalls made me want to sample everything there.

This time, I bring you two shops that especially grabbed my eyes!

20140924_01 20140924_02

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The first is Mr. Uemichi’s fish shop.

20140924_03 20140924_04

He has offered marine products including dried fish and salted wakame seaweed for 12 years at the market. He used to own two factories, but one was destroyed by the 2011 tsunami. It seems to be hard to restore the loss.

In spite of the harsh reality, Mr. Uemichi keeps making efforts to vitalize his town. Even though he was busy when I asked things, he cheered me up with a nice smile in return, and I really got cheered by him!!

20140924_05 20140924_06





The second shop I’d like to introduce you is the India Restaurant Ankur which serves up Indian curry. They have been doing business at the market for nine years.

20140924_07 20140924_08


Their main shop is located in Aomori’s Misawa.


The Ankur owner from India noted he was so scared when the 2011 earthquake hit Tōhoku, since he had never experienced such a strong tremors in his country.

20140924_09 20140924_10

He continues on serving delicious curry to liven up the market.


20140924_11 20140924_12

Naan bread is baked at the spot and really good!

20140924_13 20140924_14



Ankur has three kinds of curry including chicken curry, hot chicken curry, and spinach curry. I tried chicken curry, and it was mild.


Before I came to the Tatehana Wharf Morning Market, I didn’t expect to be able to eat indian curry. I definitely recommend it!!!



You can find a wide variety of shops at the Hachionohe Tatehana Wharf Morning Market. There’s even a sewing machine shop.

20140924_16 20140924_17

20140924_18 20140924_19


The market is filled with the will of people to enliven the place up.

Come and find what you love!!!




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