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Feeling Happy with Coffee and Sweets—Cafe Minami in Hachinohe

Hello! This is ariTV’s Fumina (^^).

Are you good at getting up early? Honestly, I’m not (^^;).
But this time I found it’s true that there are rewards of waking up early!


I met a wonderful cafe owner and delicious treats at Aomori’s Tatehana Wharf Morning Market, located near the Hachinohe port, opens from sunrise every Sunday.
Today, we introduce you coffee and sweets shop Minami (^^).
20140912_01 20140912_02

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At the Tatehana Wharf Morning Market, about 300 shops gather in a 800-meter street, and more than ten thousand shoppers come to enjoy shopping.


20140912_03 20140912_04

Among those wide variety shops, there’s one mobile catering van standing out. A crowd was waiting to order in front of a window of the van. The shop is called Minami that delivers coffee and sweets.

They have been in the cafe business for 48 years in Hachinohe, and it’s been 20 years since they began catering.
20140912_05 20140912_06

While we were gathering information about the shop, its regular customers told us that Minami’s master Mr. Sudō is a popular person (^^).



Damages caused by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami were relatively minor in Hachinohe. However, boats at the Hachinohe port were washed up and the port was temporary shut down.
Although Mr. Sudō wanted to restart his service at the Tatehana Wharf Morning Market as soon as possible, he had to wait for restoration of the port.



This time, I tried Minami’s apple juice and a waffle made with buckwheat (known as soba in Japanese, which is often served as soba noodles).


Speaking of Aomori, you can’t miss apples!!!
The morning apple juice was cold, sweet, and refreshing♪


And this is the buckwheat waffle. They use buckwheat from Hachinohe’s Nangō
Its taste has a slight flavor of buckwheat♪


Their another staple is Minami-yaki that is advertised on their van. It’s a kind of oyaki, which is, according to Wikipedia, “a Japanese dumpling made from a fermented buckwheat dough wrapped around a stuffing of Japanese vegetables, fruit, or anko bean paste and then roasted on an iron pan”.


Unfortunately, it’s only available at Minami’s immobile stores in Hachinohe (><). So we headed for one in Hachinohe’s Mikkamachi.
20140912_10 20140912_11 20140912_12 20140912_13


You can enjoy coffee and sweets in the store’s calm atmosphere (^^).
This Minami-yaki is made in the image of Isaba no Kattya (mothers working in fishing industry).


Besides Isaba no Kattya, Minami-yaki has other shapes featuring Aomori’s specialties
including horse, dogū (clay figure of Jōmon period [14,000–400 BC]), and Enburi eboshi (horse-head shaped headgear for the Enburi Festival).


Minami-yaki is light on the sweetness, and if it’s warmed up a little, it becomes moist and more tasty (^^).


At the Tatehana Wharf Morning Market, you can sample various delectable foods.
But why don’t you try Minami’s coffee and sweets first? They surely make you happy from the morning !!(^^)!!


-Mikkamachi store


-Ishidō store

-Hachinohe Sakurano store


-Coop Ruike store


Hachinohe’s Tatehana Wharf Morning Market
open dawn-9:00AM
every sunday (From March to December)




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