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Diner Teruteru Ozawa in Rikuzentakata Mirai Shōtengai.

Hello! This is ariTV’s Handa! In Iwate’s Rikuzentakata, there’s a shopping area called Rikuzentakata Mirai Shōtengai. Many of shops here were severely hit by the massive tsunami in March 2011. Owners of the shops, local youth, and those who moved in Rikuzentakata came together and set up Mirai Shōtengai to overcome the tragedy.   This time, we introduce a diner at Rikuzentakata Mirai Shōtengai, Teruteru Ozawa run by Mr. Ozawa. 20140911_01

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Teruteru Ozawa serves up a variety of dishes including fresh kaisen-don (rice bowl topped with sashimi), fried foods, curry rice, and more.



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Sanshoku Don (Tricolor Rice Bowl)—¥1500 (you can select three toppings Mr. Ozawa purchase on the day.This time I had tuna, scallop, and salmon roe).



20140911_05 20140911_06

Japanese spanish mackerel set meal—price N/A


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Fried shrimp set meal—¥850   Prices of some seafoods vary, since they are caught and served on the same day. At night, you are able to enjoy Rikuzentakata’s local sake Suisen.



The shop has a great many mangas, and customers can get relaxed as they have a meal. It’s almost a manga library.




He has practiced kendō for many years, and many items in the shop indicate his experience.

Until his former workplace was washed away by the tsunami in 2011, he was working in Kesennuma. One consolation was that his family wasn’t harmed. However, he was so shocked and had a mind to get away from work for a while. Then, his fellow kendō practitioners asked Mr. Ozawa to join them to start shops at Rikuzentakata Mirai Shōtengai. Eventually, he opened Teruteru Ozawa in April 2013.


20140911_10 20140911_11

Kendō equipment displayed in the shop.


He has made a fresh start from here. He still have lots of issues to deal with, but he pointed out that it is no use worrying about the loss, since it’s done by nature. Now he is planning to built a banquet room for group customers.


Owner Mr. Ozawa.


If you come to Rikuzentakata, drop by and enjoy Mr. Ozawa’s special dishes.



Teruteru Ozawa

open 11:00-22:00





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