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Eat and Support Recovery—Aomori’s Hachinohe Saba-meshi Croquette

Hello, this is ariTV’s Handa.

The other day, we visited Hachinohe’s Tatehana Wharf Morning Market in Aomori. About 300 stores gather in a 800-meter street, and more than ten thousand shoppers visit the market every time it’s open. It’s definitely one of the largest morning markets in Japan.


There, what caught my eye was saba-meshi croquette (mackerel rice croquette).

What on earth is saba-meshi croquette?


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The croquette is sold by members of Saba-cro Seinentai (Mackerel-cruquette Youth), a two- year-old group of eight which contributes to regional economy through local foods, and above all, loves saba-meshi croquette.

Their primary object is to offer the croquette. They donate a part of revenue for Sanriku recovery.

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Saba-meshi croquette is using mackerel unloaded at the Hachinohe port.

It is made by adding cheese and perilla leaves to mix of mashed mackerel and rice. Then, it’s fried.

Cheese and perilla leaves make its taste mild so that even people don’t like fish can enjoy the saba-meshi croquette.

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saba-meshi croquette ¥80


When I stopped by their shop, three members were on the job. Each of them has their own regular job, and on every Sunday they come to the market and sell the croquette.


Saba-cro Seinentai’s leader Mr. Shirakawa works for a Japanese style bar at night. He noted that the only thing a cook can do is to serve up delicious foods to people and have them thank for it.

Even people who are suffering a lot, smile when they eat delicious dishes.

I hope those foods become energy for tomorrow. My idea is that everyone eats yummy foods and it helps Sanriku with recovery without their notice.


I asked his vision for the future. He answered that, first of all, he wanted to contribute to his hometown. He hopes Hachinohe gets vitalized through letting more people know about charm of Hachinohe in a unique way.

He plans to start e-commerce as soon as possible to deliver local beloved foods to people all around Japan.



(from left) Mr. Tsuchihata, Mr. Shirakawa, and Ms. Kanazawa


If you have a chance to visit  Hachinohe’s Tatehana Wharf Morning Market, try and enjoy saba-meshi croquette



Hachinohe’s Tatehana Wharf Morning Market


open dawn-9:00AM

every Sunday (From March to December)




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