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Cheerful Owner’s Amber-colored Soup!—Ramen Shop Kontoki

“Hey, Tomomi! Eat it, then you will get it!!!” The voice resounded in a ramen shop. Less than a minute after we just met, the friendly owner of the shop already called me by my first name.

The shop is Kontoki, located in Kamaishi, Iwate. His ramen was so superb!

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In Kamaishi’s Hamayuri Restaurant Street, having overcome the 2011 disaster, many shops serve up their dishes and livening up the place.


Kontoki was hit badly by the 2011 tsunami and forced to halt its operation. After the disaster, the shop relocated to the Hamayuri Restaurant Street.


Its owner, Tokio Konno gave us a warm welcome to his shop. He quickly remembered our crews’ names, and started preparing our meals saying “Just eat! Then, you will know how tasty it is!!!”


Kontoki offers Kamaishi’s signature food Kamaishi Ramen which has characteristic fine curly noodles, amber-colored soup and a mild taste. Many customers come to want to eat the ramen again.


Mr. Konno said his heart almost broke after the 2011 disaster. But at the same time, he’d like to help his hometown. He even participated to Tōkyō’s ramen event to let more people know about Kamaishi.


Mr. Konno is a person you want to meet again and again.
He’s a nice guy who loves people and his hometown.


open 11:30-14:30, 17:00-23:00




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