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Rikuzentakata’s Miracle Lone Pine Tree

This is ariTV’s Tomomi Hama!
Today, we came to Iwate’s Rikuzentakata which was devastated by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.
There, we saw giant conveyor belt the “Bridge of Hope” which transfers soil from a hill to the town’s resident area to elevate its ground level. It tells visitors that recovery is steadily under way.
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Beside the conveyor belt, the Miracle Lone Pine Tree stood quietly.


Formerly 70,000 pine trees grew here. However, after the 2011 disaster, only the Miracle Lone Pine Tree was left and it has become a monument of the disaster.


As I saw the tree, I felt hope, but at the same time, I sensed the terrible power of nature.


At the parking area near the tree, a shop offered items made with trees which were washed away by the tsunami.


Following the disaster, supporters came from in and out of Iwate prefecture, and gathered those swept pine trees. People made various items from them including the sign of Japanese government’s Reconstruction Agency, local Jizō stone statues, and even violins.


People stricken by the disaster craft these items which is sold for 500 yen. All sales directly go to the crafters.


A man whose home and shop were severely damaged by the disaster, was working as a volunteer to sell these items. He tried to convey the charm of the pine trees in a loud voice.


”Personal recovery and hometown’s recovery.” He must have lots to deal with, but had a big smile.
When we were leaving, he told us ”Ganbappeshi (fight on)” , and we swung our arms in response.


Miracle Lone Pine Tree




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