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Harbinger of Akiu’s Autumn—Akiu Onsen Music Bar

This is ariTV’s Fumiya Takahashi.
Today, at the Akiu Sato Center (Akiu Village Center) in Sendai’s Taihaku Ward, Akiu Onsen-Ryokan Union hosted the Akiu Onsen Music Bar, an event where people enjoy music, alcohol, and onsen (hot spring) at the same time.
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This year, the Akiu Onsen Music Bar marks its 10th anniversary. It’s a pre-event for the 24th Jōzenji Street Jazz Festival in Sendai a week later.


Music lovers gathered and filled the venue. Nine musicians and groups who will take part in Street Jazz Festival, show off their performances.

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I was instantly fascinated by the melody of their live performances.


Besides music, visitors were also able to enjoy special dishes made with local rice and vegetables, including Akiu Curry, and Akiu Pizza.
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Finally, if you’re in Akiu, you can’t forget onsen (hot spring)!
People were resting their feet in a foot bath, while listening to music.
Tomoko Takahashi, one of the organizers, noted that she wanted this Music Bar to be a new autumn tradition in Akiu.


Its music gets you excited, its food makes you satisfied, and its hot spring relax your body. Akiu’s charms are condensed in the Akiu Onsen Music Bar.


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