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They Are Waiting for You—Sanriku Tabi Guide

Hello, this is ariTV’s drifter Handa.

Do you bring a guidebook with you, when you travel?
I always count on them. You can save time by knowing what you’d like to see and eat at your destination in advance.


This time, we bring you the Sanriku Tabi (tour) Guide.
The book introduces wide variety and number of tourist sites in Sanriku region which was devastated by the 2011 disaster.

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Some people may think it’s immoral to travel around the stricken areas for pleasure, since close to twenty thousand people were killed or are still missing there.


This Sanriku Tabi Guide is here to dispel such concerns.
Just after its preface, the guide tells you what you need to care about feeling of people living there, transportation options, accommodations, and so on.

The Sanriku Tabi Guide covers Tōhoku’s coastal areas from Iwate’s Kuji in the north to Miyagi’s Ishinomaki in the south.


Because of the 2011 tsunami, some railway sections remain out of service, and some locations mentioned in the book require a car to visit. The travel guide gives you a tip on how to get your destinations.


In the book, you can see present situations of stricken areas such as Sanriku Railway and recovery markets.
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What’s exceptional about the Sanriku Tabi Guide is that it offers information on local people you can meet in Sanriku region. Along with tourist spots and foods, it focuses on individual living there. It’s possible because, the author, Mr. Endō visited all the places in the book in person.
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In the preface, he wrote that he thought there’s a way to encourage those who are not unsure whether they can visit stricken areas because of moral conflict. It’s to tell them traveling the areas and creating a memory actually help regional economy.
That’s how production of this book started.
Also he hopes readers visit the region, see many things, meet lots of people, and have various thoughts, so that they are able to make their own memories and relationships.


Have a nice trip with the Sanriku Tabi Guide and find charm of Sanriku!



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