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Mobile Catering Van Dolphin Ring

Hello! This is ariTV’s crepe aficionado Handa.

The other day, as we shot a video on Mt. Izumigatake, we happened to find a mobile catering van serving crepes.

It’s called Dolphin Ring and run by a family from Minamisanriku.


(from left) Mr. Teruhiko Takahashi, his wife Ms. Shidzuka, Teruhiko’s aunt Ms. Tetsuko Abe

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Before the family started mobile catering in June, they made their living by mainly fishing.

In March 2011, the massive tsunami destroyed all of their three fishing boats and they became unable to continue on fishing.


They were able to restart their business with government support. Since then, they have devoted themselves to fishing for three years, and now things are coming back to normal.


What made the family to start mobile catering business was a mobile crepe catering they saw at Jōgisan in Sendai. Then, they thought it’s something they could do with the family.

At the time, the family was separated and they were cracking up.


Opening a cafe was Ms. Shidzuka’s childhood dream, and also their son became independent, Mr. and Ms. Takahashi decided to start mobile catering business.

20140824_03 20140824_02


While they drive and deliver crepes, they still engage in fishing business.

We interviewed Mr. and Ms. Takahashi to hear their thoughts.


Teruhiko noted that he don’t have to earn that much, but at least he wanted to make a living out of only catering.

Shidzuka pointed out that since she had been person of the sea, for her it’s fresh and fun to meet people.

20140824_04 20140824_05 20140824_06 20140824_07


They often come to Mt. Izumigatake on weekends, and at least once a month, they serves crepes at a recovery market in Shidzugawa in Miyagi.

Give it a try!!!!!




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