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Nissin Food Group Presents “Let’s have some run!” Project

This is ariTV’s Handa.

Running is refreshing.

This time we introduce you the “Let’s have some run!” project.

Here’s its organizer, Nissin Food Group’s explanation about the project:


A great number of victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake are still forced to live in temporary homes or with their acquaintances and relatives, as evacuees. There, children are suffering from anxiety and stress. To provide encouragement to these children, the Nissin Food Group Running Team has stood up to put this project into execution. The project aims for the children to learn about “the importance of having hopes and dreams”, “the spirit to never give up”, and “the enjoyment of running”. Through these messages, Nissin is hoping to revitalize the children in the Tohoku area.


This is the 11th project of Nissin Food Group’s CSR activities, the Hyakufukushi Project.

The Hyakufukushi Project is, again, according to Nissin Foods Group, “a fifty-year project that started in 2008, the fiftieth anniversary of the Group’s founding”, and “through this initiative, the Group will undertake 100 social contribution activities, carrying out the aspirations of founder Momofuku Ando, who enthusiastically engaged in social contribution activities.”




The 5th “Let’s have some run!” project took place at Tago Elementary School in Tago-nishi district, Sendai where many people live in disaster public housings.

its 6th grader participated in the event.



This time, the pupils learned how to run from the Nissin Food Group Running Team’s Kōsaku Hoshina (right) and Hirofumi Sasaki.


The two runners told pupils “the importance of having hopes and dreams” and “the spirit to never give up”.

20140817_03 20140817_04


Children wrote down their dreams on a small white board and presented them to the rest.



After the classroom work, it’s time to move to the school ground and learn how to run better.

20140817_06 20140817_07 20140817_08 20140817_09

Starting with warming up, the pupils learned how to run right, and also played onigokko (tag).


20140817_11 20140817_10

They ran the hundred‐meter dash with the instructors, and also saw the two runners ran like its an actual race.


We asked the pupils about this project and their dreams.



Shōya Kikuchi

“I’ve become able to run faster. My dream is to take part in 100m of the Olympic Games.”



Fūta Shimojō

“I thought it’s fun to run. My dream is  to become a professional handball player.”



Haruka Ogata

“I enjoyed. They gently taught me, and now I like  PE more. I think how I run has changed. My dream is to become a lawyer and help people”



Thin kind of events makes people love running and other physical activities, and also tells importance of having a dream for all of us.




Nissin Foods Group Hyakufukushi Project




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