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Eating delicious food in Sendai! Dateuma market opens today★

Hi! My name is Morikawa of ariTV!
Did you know about name Dateuma?
People who live in Sendai might have heard it a few times.
Eat and enjoy delicous food of Sendai. When something is delicous, it`s called Dateuma in Sendai. Which originates from the name of the Date Masamune.

Dateuma Market is located in Sunmall, Ichibancho, Aoba-Ward. It is about 15-20 minutes walk from Sendai-Station.

『 Dateuma Market 』  2014 ,August 8/21 – 8/23



Every month it is opened for 3 days (friday, saturday and sunday) at Sunmall Ichibanchō 「Dateuma Market], which is not only focused on Sendai,but it has a variety of delicious food from Tohoku. It also has giftshops from all over Tohoku.

Every day of the 3 days that it is opened, it has the different shops. In the 3 days you will be seeing and able to enjoy food and giftshops from all over Tohoku.


dateuma_6 dateuma_10


This place has an excellent atmosphere to speak to the shop owners.
It gives you a feeling that it is handmade by the people of Tohoku.


dateuma_5 dateuma_20



Mr. Ishikawa of Blueberry Shop  : “Blueberries are very good for your skin”

“It is good for our eyes, but blueberries are very good for your skin”.


dateuma_11 dateuma_21



Coffee Shop “Beethoven” with it`s excellent coffee beans.
They have a great selection of coffee beans which has a long history in Japan.A great gift from Sendai-city which they have named Dateuma Coffee! They do have other coffee beans from Ethiopia and Mexico.
The owner of the coffee shop is eager to explain about the history of “Beethoven Coffeeshop”.


dateuma_21 dateuma_9

If you are interested, please visit Sunmal!

dateuma_8 dateuma_14


The executive committee of Dateuma market Mr.Hieda:
“In order to raise their awareness about food, this market is a great place to find the producers of the delicous food”


dateuma_3 dateuma_4



I think this market is a great place for the individual producers to expend their production. We are also thinking of opening workshops for children and their parents to enjoy.


dateuma_18 dateuma_17


dateuma_13 dateuma_15


This is the market that connects with a line thru people, business and things.




It might brighten up your day. Please enjoy meeting new people♪


【Dateuma Market】
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