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Ramen Shop’s Uni-don—Banban-ya in Morioka, Iwate

Hello, this is ariTV’s Fumina (^^). Today, I’m going to introduce a ramen shop in my hometown, Morioka, Iwate. But I’m not writing about ramen here, I’m writing about uni-don (rice bowl topped with sea urchin) made with freshly caught sea urchins (^^). 20140811_01 20140811_02

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The ramen shop is called Sanriku Yoshihama Ramen Banban-ya. It’s located in Yuino-ichi on the first floor of ÆON Mall Morioka Minami.

20140811_04 20140811_03


Its owner Mr. Matsukawa also work as a fisher in Ōfunato’s Yoshihama in Iwate.   20140811_05 20140811_06

As its name says, it’s ramen shop, but when I visited them, I found uni-don on the menu. Mr. Matsukawa told that he catched sea urchin in Yoshihama by himself.


On May 11, 2011, just after the great earthquake, Mr. Matsukawa left his shop and headed for Yoshihama. Although the tsunami caused damages to the area, his family managed to escape from the disaster. For a month after the disaster, he closed the shop and joined activities to remove debris and search for missing people in Yoshihama. In the winter of the year, local fishers were able to restart fishing. They were the first ones to resume fishing in Iwate, and Mr. Matsukawa’s ramen shop was supplied with seafood by them.



Fishers in Yoshihama are truly earnest. They only offer seafood following food inspection. The sea of Yoshihama is clean, so that scallops’ shells don’t have dirt on them.20140811_07 20140811_08

I felt Mr. Matsukawa’s love and appreciation for his hometown Yoshihama from the way he talked, and his uni-don must be delicious (^^).   It’s not easy to find this kind of places in Morioka where you can get these fresh seafoods.


Uni-don is available till mid-August. In winter,  Banban-ya is going to offer another  rice bowl topped with sea-ear tempura. Give it a try while you can!!!


Sanriku Yoshihama Ramen Banban-ya location




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