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Attention Please! The opening of Katsurashima beach after 4 years of the disaster!

Hi!! My name is Hizashi with the round glasses!
This is the 4th summer after the great east earthquake. After the disaster in 2011 alot of beaches got destroyed. There are a few beaches that reopened after the disaster.This time we went to Katsurashima. This time we went to Katsurashima which name was used in the lyrics 「Awasenedeya」which is a song by Tokiko Katou with Michinoku band. It means don`t forget in Japanese with the Tohoku dialect.


This was bright news for Katsurashima which was severely damaged by the earthquake and tsunami.


This is the 4th summer and has finally opened!


Every summer Katsurashima`s beach had many visitors in during the summer season, but after the great east Japan disaster, the number of tourists have dropped. After the disaster many visitors didn`t come to the beach,as it was strictly prohibited to swim in the water. this time it has re-opened and yet the people of Katsurashima are worried whether they can open the beach thru out the next up coming years.


The opening of Katsurashima beach is only open to the public for some period of time.We wish that more visitors will come to Katsurashima beach during the hot summer.

桂島-05 桂島-11

Kakkiōri and Ramunne wich is a traditional type of pop soda with a marble in it. You have push the marble down on the mouth of the bottle and then you can drink the pop soda named Ramune. It`s a taste that you`ll never forget, and especially in a hot summer. The other recommending is the declicious Japanese noodles. Noodles come from china,but Japan made their own style of noodles which is named Ramen. You will taste the difference once you try.


We talked to some of the people on Katsurashima (which actually means Katsura-island as a small island near Shiogama-city.

桂島-08 桂島-01

「In the summer there are many visitors and mostly of the time it is a very busy season, but this was taken away by the tsunami.But I am filled with joy now, that many people are coming to this island and walk on the beaches and, are able to swim now at the Katsurashima beach」

She has been living on Katsurashima for over 70 years. The beach is one of it`s specialities.


A song named “Awasenedeya” wich means don`t forget in Japanese in the Tohoku dialect of the Japanese language. Utsumi Kazue wrote the lyrics and Hizashi, the reporter himself did all the musical arrangements with Tokiko Katou on the vocals.It was sold in 2012 as a cd and it was available on download sites. The profit was given as a donation to Katsurashima + 500.000Yen was given by themselves for the recovering of Katsurashima.


This time the citizens of Katsurashima seemed to be very happy to see us. That was our impression as reporters.

The way to get to Katsurashima is to take a train from Sendai-station to Hon-Shiogama station which will take a total of 30 minutes, but you have to take a boat from Marine-Gate that lies in Shiogama-City.It`s about a 10 minute walk from Hon-Shiogama station (JR Senseki line).You can also go site seeing at this island which has it`s own culture compared to the other cities in that area.




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