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Did you know that Sendai green soy beans taste even better once you bake them?

Hello. My name is Hama of ariTV!
Miyagi has alot of food ingredients that we can brag about.
What we would like to recommend this this is a green soy beans brand called  「Sendai Tea Beans」

The fragrant has a high quality to and it has a rich taste.
Once you have a taste of it you will not be able to stop. That`s how delicious Sendai Tea Beans are!Yesterday there was a Sendai Soy Beans festival at Kotōdai-Kōen in Sendai-City.


edamame5 edamame4


It was filled with customers and there were stands where you could take a taste of the beans and purchase them in little bags just like the picture above on the right side. That day the farmers got up at 3 o`clock in the morning to get the soy beans that day.I was filled with gratitude and moved by the people who put effort into producing high quality green soy beans.




They also had cold beer and I was tempted to drink, but I resisted and waited untill I got home! And the question of the day was  : “whats the most delicious way to eat the Sendai Tea Beans?
And one of the farmers replied : “baking the beans is one of the most delicous ways to eat Sendai Green Beans”

In fact, Kesennuma in Miyagi-Prefecture is also very famous for it`s production of green soy beans in Tohoku.
Not to lose against the disaster, Sendai and Kesennuma are producing tea beans with a hope to a better future.
These tea beans are also available in Tokyo and some districts in Nagoya-City. We recommend you to taste them if you are in the area.Yesterday we did a live broadcast about the green soy beans with the farmers who produce these taste the tasty beans. Please look into the link here below!







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