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*A family trip to Iwate-prefecture, Rikuzentakada-city 7th recovery food contest F1*

It was a typical hot and humid day, but the sweating comes from running around with the kids. :)


My name is Sai from ariTV and this time we went to Rikuzentakada-city which is located in Iwate-Prefecture.


This year we went with the whole family to the 7th recovery gourmet festival F1!!!At this festival many temporarily shops in the disaster areas and restaurants from other regions provided many of their delicious dishes. The visitors decide which store provides the most delicious dish and will be rewarded with a price for this festival which is somehow of a contest for restaurants.


The first festival was helt in the year 2013 of March and his year a total of 16 organizations participated in the food contest.


Rikuzen Takada-City, Iwate-Prefecture


This is where the tsunami struck in 2011 which had a total casualty of 1771 people and still people are missing. This is where the highest tsunami has been estimated in the great disaster of 2011.


At the moment there are still buildings remaining that got hit by the highest tsunami in the great disaster of 2011. Even after 3 years the tsunami left it`s deep scars in the heavy affected areas of Rikuzen Takada-City.


(※this photo was taken in 2013)

The miracle pine tree

At the current moment one shall has to look at it from a far place, because of the reconstructions going on.

20140725takada41  20140725takada49


This time the food festival F1 was held in an primary school which was struck by the tsunami in the disaster. This school was used for the festival, although the part of the school was swept away by the tsunami.

20140725takada32 20140725takada44

After the ticket sales were for sale the people who bought the tickets made long ques.
Some shops had very long ques that almost looked like a shape of a snake.


One of the participants was the organization from Shichigahama who participated in the last years food contest F1.


The weather was a bit unstable, but the stage was getting ready at that time.


20140725takada22 20140725takada18

20140725takada31 20140725takada30

And in the middle of the event there were characters named Youkai Watch and Tagaranger who very popular in Japan. The children could take pictures and shake hands with the characters.


20140725takada19 20140725takada17

An artist from Rikuzen Takada City named Yukina collaborated with a pianist named Matsumoto Genta. They performed together with their warm spirits and after they performed the brassband of Takada Dai-Ichi junior high school.

20140725takada16 20140725takada13

The most popular characters among the children was the character named Jabanyan. Although it was raining the tension kept at a high level. All the kids lined up to shake hands with Jabanyan.

At the end of the event people voted for the best food stand,

and the winner was………….

20140725takada3 samuneiru20140725takada1

20140725takada26  20140725takada47

Miyagi Prefecture Kessenuma-City`s Kesennuma Recovery Shopping Center  with their gorogoro strawberry kakigori!!!

It is one of the best sweets that you can find, especially in the summer. This shop had a special kakigori with vanilla ice cream and strawberry on top.

20140725takada28 20140725takada48

2nd place was Iwate-prefecture, Rikuzentakada-City with their famous buns filled with meat and on top a bit of seahedgehog.

20140725takada42 20140725takada52

3rd place went to Ishinomaki with their fried noodles named Bongore fried noodles.

The dishes that were provited at the event were not made for the menu`s in their restaurants, which is a bit sad, but there is alot of other delicious food in Tohoku-Prefecture



When you have the chance, please come and enjoy dishes made by only for the events, which means they are very delicious!!!

Please  look into this link for more information regarding future F1 gourmet events!!!!

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