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Sakashita Fishing Tackle Shop in Hashikami, Aomori

Hello, this is ariTV’s Odanaka!

This time, we introduce you the Sakashita Fishing Tackle Shop in Hashikami (Aomori).

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Hashikami is located on the southeastern edge of Aomori, and is the first place sun rises in Aomori. On one side, the town faces trees, and on another side it faces the sea.

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The shop’s owner told that lots of fish are catched through a year.

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The Sakashita Fishing Tackle Shop dates back 50 years, and besides fishing gears, they also deal with seafood.

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Until the 2011 disaster hit the town, not only the Sakashita Shop, but also many other shops were doing business here.

However, the tsunami struck most objects around the shop.

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The tsunami almost reached the height of this clock.

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After the disaster, they reopened the fishing tackle store in May.

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Most of shops moved out the coastal area, and only a few left.

In that circumstance, with fewer customer, the Sakashita Shop almost gave up business.

But they wanted more people to know about Hashikami seafood, and have kept making efforts. At last, customers are coming back bit by bit.


They also offer boating rental service for fishing. They welcome beginners, too.


Why don’t you try Hashikami seafood and fishing!



Sakashita Fishing Tackle Shop


open 5:00-19:00




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