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Crepes Made with Selected Eggs in Minamisanriku

Before the 2011 disaster, Ms. Ōnuma worked as a mobile crepes vendor in Kesennuma. When the earthquake and tsunami hit the Miyagi’s port town she had to stop serving the sweets.


Then, she moved to Hokkaidō to learn about chicken farming, and on November 2013, she finally opened a crepe shop in the Minamisanriku Sun Sun Shopping Village (Motoyoshi, Miyagi), where disaster-affected people are doing business out of the prefabricated temporary buildings.


Ms. Ōnuma has decided to settle there to provide tasty crepes with selected eggs and run crepe shop Shizen Tamago no Crepe (“Natural Egg Crepe”).


This time we interviewed her to hear her thoughts.


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On March 11, 2011, her van was damaged by the tsunami and went out of use. Ms. Ōnuma noted that a life right after the disaster was so hard. Three months later, she moved to Ebetsu, Hokkaidō, to study with her family.


At his new home, Ms. Ōnuma was touched that she and her family received lots of help from neighbors. Some people gave them futon bedding and household supplies.


After two years of learning in Hokkaidō, she returned to Miyagi and set up chicken farm in Utatsu, Miyagi. There, she started working as a crepe vendor again, using eggs from her own farm.

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Their staple item is chocolate banana crepes.

Milk shake is another popular menu. It’s cold and good for hot summer.


Milk shakes


Ms. Ōnuma noted that with a crepe van, she’d like to deliver delicious crepes to around the country. She’s trying to tell that Minamisanriku is not just about seafood, but there’s also clean water and air as well. Further more, farm products from mountains are nice here.


She especially recommends crepes made with local strawberry in May and November.


Her kind eyes were looking for the fun future.

Drop by and enjoy Minamisanriku’s wonderful crepes!




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