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Bright Smile and Kaisen-don in Kesennuma—Maguro-ya

This is ariTV’s Tomomi Hama.
The other day, in Miyagi’s coastal Kesennuma, we ate Kaisen-don (rice bowls with seafood toppings) which had a plenty of seafood.
Needless to say, it’s tasty. Also, the owner of a diner serves the dish, Mr. Murakami is a heart-warming person. I became a fan of the diner instantly.
This time, we introduce you Maguro-ya (“Tuna Shop”).


Maguro-ya has several stores in Kesennuma, and we visited Maguro-ya housed in Umi no Ichi (“Market of Sea”) which was engulfed by the 2011 tsunami, and just reopened this April.
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As we entered the diner, we heard bright “Irasshaimase (welcome)!” and saw cheerful smile.
Owner Mr. Murakami.


One of their stores reopened in May, 2011, and this is the third Maguro-ya to start business again.

When we visited the diner was packed with customers, but they serve them well.
They cooked a mini rice bowl for my kids! They said they wanted children to love seafood, too!


Mr. Murakami’s family lives by fishing, he used to work at a fish market and knows everything about fish.
His father, 70, is still working as a fisher, although he once lost his boat because of the 2011 tsunami.


Umi no Ichi is Kesennuma’s landmark.

Drop by and enjoy the port town!




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